It's indie mania over on the App Store this week, as Apple's releasing a new indie game each day. Meanwhile you'll find a bunch of hit indie games going for a steep discount in celebration of the event. If you want to score some indie games on the cheap, now's your chance. Here are all the games that are joining in the App Store indie party.

Was: $3.99, Now: $0.99

Prune gives you your own little blossoming tree to tend to and protect. It's quiet, beautiful, and relaxing in its gentle simplicity.

Leo's Fortune
Was: $4.99, Now: $0.99

Players guide Leo, a mustachioed fluff ball, through a series of beautifully rendered levels in a quest to help him recover his titular fortune. Excellent platforming adventures abound.

Sorcery! 3
Was: $4.99, Now: $0.99

Inkle brought these delightful gamebooks to the digital era, and they're still just as fun, though now they feature sound and animations. It's a clever RPG adventure you won't soon forget.

Was: $2.99, Now: $0.99

VVVVVV gained quite the cult following back when it was released some seven years ago. It's a roguelike that's nastily difficult, but so well designed you won't mind one bit.

Was: $4.99, Now: $0.99

Botanicula is the touching tale of little tree creatures that set out on a journey to save the last seed from their home tree, which is dying from parasites. It's truly a work of art.

Road Not Taken
Was: $4.99, Now: $0.99

This lovely fairytale is about finding your own path through life, all while completing a series of procedurally generated puzzles.

This is a fine sampling if you're interested in seeing what the mobile indie scene is all about, especially with each of these games going for $0.99. Whether you fancy roguelikes, platformers, or something altogether different, there's something here for you. Why not try something new?

Have you played any of the games on this list? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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