Fresh out of E3, we got a new glimpse of Alto's Odyssey, the upcoming follow-up to Alto's Adventure, in an interview between Geoff Keighley and Snowman's lead producer, Eli Cymet. We got to see a full five minutes of gameplay, showcases some of the new elements that will be introduced in the game.

While it's still ultimately an endless snowboarding game, Alto's Odyssey throws in a few new features to fit the game's desert setting. The game seeks to add more verticality this time around. Grind rails are still present, but this time in the form of strings tying together hot air balloons. You'll even able to bounce across the tops of the balloons when finding your way across chasms.

Alto's Odyssey also introduces wall-riding, allowing you to jump up onto walls to boost your height, giving you access to even more of the environment. Desert whirlwinds, too, will help give you some serious air.

So far we're excited to see that Alto's Odyssey will be mixing some of the old with new features, and the added importance of the environment in gameplay is a nice touch. We'll see how that works in execution when Alto's Odyssey launches this summer.

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