There's finally video evidence of Alto's Odyssey, the follow up to the 2015 App Store hit, Alto's Adventure. It looks just as soothing and atmospheric as Alto's last outing, but this time players will be journeying to the desert. Whereas Alto's Adventure featured an endless playground of pine forests and snowy slopes, it seems that we'll be traversing sand dunes this go around. Despite these big, environmental changes, it looks like the beloved llamas will still be playing a role in Odyssey and Alto's iconic wingsuit will be returning.

Alto's Adventure drew plentiful critical praise for its gorgeous soundtrack, memorable art, and smooth, endless snowboarding action. Alto's Odyssey, judging by the trailer, promises much of the same, and we can't wait. Luckily we won't be caught up in anticipation too long -- Alto's Odyssey is expected to launch this summer. If you need a diversion until then, Alto's Adventure is just $1.99 on the App Store until Tuesday in celebration of its second birthday.

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