Alphabear 2 guide - How to build a better vocabu-beary

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 12th, 2018
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There’s more going on in Alphabear 2 than you might think at first blush. What seems like a simple word game is actually a multi-layered puzzle game that doesn’t operate much like other word games do.

If you’ve picked up Alphabear 2 have been taken by its charm and style, but find yourself struggling when it comes to the game itself, we’ve got you covered. See below for some quick-and-dirty tips for doing well in Alphabear 2.

Big bear = big points

The best thing you can do to up your Alphabear 2 game is to develop the habit of board clearing. Although it may be tempting to keep trying to make really long or creative words, the bonus score you can get from fully clearing a level and maximizing your bear size nets you many more points.

If you’ve been trying to focus on clearing the board, but are just having difficulty executing, there are two tips that might prove to be very helpful. The first is is to try and minimize the amount of low point tiles that stay on the board by building words with them at every opportunity. The second tip is to try and prevent too many of the same letters occupying your board. By following these two rules, you can create a lot of flexibility in your play that can help you clear the board more often.

Know when to stop

Did you know you don’t have to play Alphabear 2 levels to completion? Whenever you hit the point goal of any given stage, you can quit the level and move on without fretting about clearing the rest of the board. This is a good thing to keep in mind if you want to move through a few levels in a short play session.

Speaking of moving on, the best time to stop playing Alphabear 2 is as soon as you’ve started a new level. Why? Because you don’t have to spend honey entering your first level on your next play session. Instead, you can finish the level you started and have a full bank of honey to expend the next time you decide to play.

Go to school

In addition to the word-based gameplay of Alphabear 2’s levels, there’s a meta layer to the game where you collect bears and level them up to help you clear increasingly difficult stages. You can level your bears up by earning duplicates of them through using Time Warps, or you can opt to send your bears to Bear School.

If you’re serious about progressing in Alphabear 2, you should be diligent about sending your bears to Bear School. Bear School provides an opportunity for you to play a level to power up your bears. If you find yourself stuck in the game’s Story Mode, a few rounds of Bear School should pump up your bears to make things a little easier for you.

Challenge yourself

In preparation for every level in Alphabear 2, you get to pick which bears you want to take into the level with you. If your bears are of adequate power, an indicator at the bottom of the screen will turn green and say “All Systems Go!” If you don’t get this indicator though, you shouldn’t necessarily take this as a sign that you’ll lose.

Having underpowered bears in Alphabear 2 can make levels harder, but not impossible to finish. If you are able to play smartly and clear your board, you can beat some of the most difficult stages the game throws at you. It’s just a matter of how much you want to depend on your bear’s power vs. your own word-making prowess.

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