Another week has flown by. Sometimes it feels like the only truly unstoppable thing is time. Time will make dust of us all. But before it does, we should probably play as many awesome mobile videogames as we can. Am I right, or am I right?

To help you in that quest, we've gone and rounded-up all the amazing games that are currently on sale on the App Store. These are the best of the best, the cream of the crop. If you want a game and you want to save money, then these are the ones you should be splurging on.

Shadowmatic - Download for iOS (Now $1.99)

A smart puzzler that's all about the interplay of lights and objects. You need to move around a series of 3D shapes so that the shadow they cast on a wall becomes an object. It's a calming, clever puzzle experience that rightly won a bunch of awards.

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Nexomon - Download for iOS (Now $1.99)

Yeah, it's a bit of a shameless rip off of Pokemon, but it's done with such love that it's hard to get mad. And it's highly unlikely you're ever going to get a full Pokemon game on the App Store. With 300 critters to collect though, this one should keep you going for a long while.

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Strike Team Hydra - Download for iOS (Now $1.99)

A gorgeous looking sci-fi shooter that takes a good deal of its cues from the likes of Xcom. Build up your squad, give them the best guns, then go and try and cut the enemy to shreds. Throw in cover, lovely explosions, and plenty more to boot, and you're on to something of a winner.

Splendor - Download for iOS (Now $4.99)

A board game adaptation that's all about jewels. You need to build up your precious stones business, outlast the competition, and make as much money as you can. The physical version of the game is a classic, and this digital run out captures a lot of that spirit.

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AG Drive - Download for iOS (Now $3.99)

A super-fast, super-slick futuristic racer in the vein of WipeOut. It's got the sort of graphics that are going to turn your eyeballs into goo, and the gameplay matches up. There's a real thrill to every corner and jump here, and you're going to love every second you spend on, or just slightly above, its twisty tracks.

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Kathy Rain - Download for iOS (Now $1.99)

Point-and-click adventures might feel a bit old hat, but this one gives the genre a much needed kick in the caboose. It's smart, it's funny, and it deals with a lot of issues that other games wouldn't touch with a barge pole. If you're a fan of the classic era of pointing and clicking, you're going to adore the art style as well.

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Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories - Download for iOS (Now $4.99)

Harvest Moon. On mobile. For cheap. If that's not enough to get you excited, then you've probably left your soul somewhere over the last few years. Grow crops, raise livestock, fall in love, get married, and trot around on your horse. It's like if real-life wasn't absolutely awful.

Death Point - Download for iOS (Now $2.99)

Where is the death point? Is it over there? I have no idea. But if you buy this game, you never know, you might find out. Squad-based military tactics is the order of the day here. Clear the corners, thrown in some flash bangs, and do all the sorts of things you see people do in the movies. But on your phone.

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