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Oh hi there, and welcome to our round-up of the best games that are currently on sale for iPhone and iPad. You thought I didn't see you there, did you, skulking behind the bushes? Trust me though, the bushes aren't where the best deals are. The best deals are right here.

There's a whole load of games on sale this week, but I've gone right ahead and picked what I consider to be the cream of the crop. Disagree? Have your own suggestions to throw out there? Well let me know in the comments then. Go on, I don't bite.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - download for iOS (now $3.99)

The whole world is Monster Hunter mad at the moment, and rightly so. But if you want to play the game on the go, this is an excellent way to do just that. And it's super cheap at the moment, with more than 70% slashed off its asking price. Join your friends, take down monsters, and generally have the best time ever. If you've not got this yet, get it now.

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Another World - download for iOS (now $1.99)

A classic mix of platforming and adventure, Another World was well ahead of its time. So much so that it still feels fresh and interesting even more than 20 years after it came out. It won't be to everyone's tastes, but if you've not experienced the weird and wonderful way this one looks and plays, I'd suggest picking it up for this low, low price.

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Don't Run With A Plasma Sword - download for iOS (now free)

Not only does this one give you some incredibly sensible life advice, it's also really fun to play. Double win right there. Race through a series of challenging levels cutting people to pieces with your titular sword. Fast, ridiculous, and deeper than you might imagine at first glance.

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NBA 2K18 - download for iOS (now $4.99)

If you love basketball, then this one is really a no-brainer. A super featured, hi-octane dunk fest that's every bit as interesting as its console counterparts. There are a whole bunch of modes, a whole bunch of options, and more than enough to sate the desires of even the most ardent of fans.

Glitchskier - download for iOS (now 99c)

A game that's set in the memory core of a dying computer. You're playing a program that's trying to sort out all of the viruses and glitches that are slowing down the tiring CPU. It's twitchy, slightly crazy, and really very challenging. If you're after an arcade blast, then this is the game from this list that you're going to want to pick up.

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Crashlands - download for iOS (now $3.99)

I'm not sure that Crashlands even needs and introduction, but I'm going to give it one anyway. It's a huge survival game that's dripping with amazing ideas, wonderful characters, and more than its fair share of humour. You can tell this one was designed from the ground-up for mobile, and if you like staying alive then it's well worth picking up.

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OTTTD: Over The Top Tower Defense - download for iOS (now $1.99)

This one essentially does what it says on the tin. It's a tower defense game, and it's massively over the top. There's some interesting ideas here, and more bombast than you can shake some sort of bombastic stick at. Fun, strategic, and just the right side of familiar.

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Age of Rivals - download for iOS (now $1.99)

A massive strategy game that's nicely squished down to fit on mobile. There's a whole load to do, but you're not going to have to give up hours of your life to do it. That's because everything is based on cards. There's a neat heap of tactics here, but enough fun that you're never going to feel like you're getting bogged down in rules.

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Sentinels of the Multiverse - download for iOS (now 99c)

Another card game, this time about superheroes. If you've never heard of Sentinels of the Multiverse, it's a pretty big deal in card-laying circles. It's all about building up a deck to take on some evil super villains. This is the sort of game that'll get its teeth into you and steadfastly refuse to let go.

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Gunslugs 2 - download for iOS (now $1.99)

A lovely, silly, gory platformer that sees you mowing down waves of aliens. It's exactly the sort of game that people who warn about the mindless nature of gaming are warning about. But, you know, in a good way. There are a whole bunch of other Orange Pixel games on sale as well, so if you like what you see here, I'd definitely consider trying out some of its other games.

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Beholder - download for iOS (now $2.99)

A dystopian game of watching people. It's uncomfortable, it's cruel, and it's exactly the sort of thing we need more of in gaming. Do you turn the residents of your housing complex in to the authorities, or let them keep breaking the law and risk your own neck? It's a tough question, but Beholder will let you answer it.

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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition - download for iOS (now 99c)

Another survival game, this time ported from PC. It's darker and meaner than Crashlands, but don't let that put you off. There's still an awful lot to enjoy here, and the art style in particular sets this one out from the crowd. It's sort of sequel, Don't Starve: Shipwrecked is also on sale for the same price. So why not get both?

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