Age of Origins: Everything you need to know about the SLG's fourth anniversary events

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 1st, 2022
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Age of Origins is celebrating its fourth anniversary, and commanders from all around the world are invited to attend and take part in a number of special commemorative activities. All individuals who have contributed over the past four years to the restoration of human civilization in the Age of Origins universe can enjoy new gameplay and, of course, substantial prizes.

The Main Event - Bake Cakes

First things first, let's talk a little bit about the main event, titled Bake Cakes. Players can create their anniversary cake during this event in order to gain access to Gala Delivery Gifts. Simply by completing daily quests, players can obtain baking supplies. A player can unlock the associated Gala Delivery Rewards each time their cake gets a new layer. A reward pool will be created from the Gala Delivery Rewards. Players will get 2 randomly chosen prize types from the reward pool when the event is over.

Other Events

As we've mentioned above, this update features a series of in-game events. Gala Parade, Gala Medal, A Year in Review, and Grateful Giveback, are additional anniversary activities. Participate in these events, complete the associated event quests, and earn plenty of prizes including Officer fragments, gold packs, and speed up items by gathering baking ingredients.

Gala Parade

Players may participate in the Gala Parade to receive brand-new purple decorations for their islands.

Gala Medal

Gala Medal event pool gives players the ability to receive a special city firework that will enhance the appearance of their city on the global map.

A Year in Review

Commanders can watch their personal Age of Origins experiences during the A Year in Review event and share these memories with others via a link to earn Gala Medal points.

Triangle War

Triangle War is a three-sided war that involves many alliances and nations. Only the top 3 Alliances in terms of fighting power from each Nation will be invited. Three Alliances will engage in combat in this instance. Each side will struggle to breach the fortifications of the other Alliance. There are two sections to this event: Round Robin and Group Match. Nine coalitions will be grouped together into a total of nine groupings for the Group Match. The top three Alliances with the highest points after the group matches will advance to the round robin. A winner will be determined following six days of round-robin competition.

Triangle War has an innovative and captivating warfare system. Seven islands are on each side of the triangular battlefield, and players must choose which islands to attack first. You can open the doorway to the next island once you've destroyed one island. Each island contains 16 fortresses and has the capacity to deploy ten reinforcement forces at once. You can choose one of the four strongholds at the bottom to land on while invading islands. An island can only be conquered if all of the defenders have been eliminated. They can only assault the strongholds on another island when they have taken control of every stronghold on that island. As a result, the alliances' collaboration as well as the composition and organization of each army are crucial to winning the fight.

You may get the game on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the iOS App Store if you're interested in seeing what additional improvements the 4th Age of Origins anniversary has in store for you. The game is available for free but features in-app purchases. To be informed on all the most recent changes, you can also become a member of the following group on the official Facebook page.

New players that download and play before 28th November can also receive some extra goodies by redeeming the following code:148apps2210.

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