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Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 26th, 2018
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After the success of the original Soul Seeker, South Korean developer Clegames has crafted a second, gacha-packed instalment. Expect more anime-style characters, more Soul searching and more strategic battling. To get you Soul-Seeker ready, read our quick starter guide.

The story so far...

Five gods built the world of Hermes, but it didn't take long before they were squabbling with each other ownership. After a war between them nearly frazzled the land to bits, the gods thought it wise to lock themselves in magical objects called Soul Stones, where they could do no more harm. Unfortunately, their minion factions continued the fight. They began seeking the Soul Stones in an effort to wield godly powers against their rivals, at the risk of destroying Hermes in the process. Up pops the Albion Knights, dedicated to finding and destroying the Soul Stones to keep the world safe. And who should be within the order's ranks but you, ready to save the day.

Collect and combine your heroes

Your heroes are your fighting force, so you'll be constantly collecting new ones, upgrading existing ones and tinkering with your team of six (three main characters and three support characters). There are more than 150 heroes in Soul Seeker: Six Knights to collect, but which ones you get is usually down to the luck of the in-game gacha system. They come in six different roles: Fighter, Marksman, Assassin, Tank, Support and Mage, and have star rankings between 1-6 determining their quality and available skills. If you end up with duplicate heroes, don't worry - you can combine them into a higher tier version. Another variable is your heroes' elemental power. There are five in total: Water, Air, Fire, Dark and Light.

Fight strategically

Soul Seeker: Six Knights rewards strategic fighting, so be sure to think ahead. There are a few important elements you should always keep in mind when choosing your heroes for your main team of six, including the elements themselves. Your heroes' elemental powers can be deployed and buffed against enemies with corresponding elemental weaknesses. For example, the Light attribute is especially useful for dealing out ranged attacks, which, when combined with the stun significantly increase in speed. The water attribute on the other hand offers an antidote for overcoming ranged attacks and will in turn make your attacks more consistent.

Make use of the link system, which binds up to three heroes together to gain useful buffs. There's also a tag function so you can call in your support heroes when things get desperate; you just need to ensure you're collecting tag gauge boosts so you can do it.

Grow your hero

In Soul Seeker: Six Knights, there are three main ways to make your heroes more powerful: by levelling up and evolving, by improving equipment and by upgrading runes. The game features 270 different weapons, boots, gauntlets and body gear for you to discover, equip, combine and upgrade. They vary by quality level, as do the 135 different runes available, so coming across two of the same item still offers the potential to combine for better equipment overall.

Battle the world

Soul Seeker: Six Knights offers up a few different gameplay modes and enemies to test your mettle against. You can quest your way through the central story in an effort to save the world of Hermes from evil. Dive into fast-paced PvP arena battles online to prove yourself against players the world over. Or embark on raids in the Temple of Hermes and the Devil's Dungeon to glean some next-level loot. Lots to get stuck into.
That’s all you need to know to get started on your Soul Seeker: Six Knights adventure. You can find the game available to download right now for free on iOS and Android.

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