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Remember when Minecraft was all the rage? Back before battle royale became the coolest thing to play it was all about the sandbox survival game… though it's apparently still rated one of the most watched video games on YouTube.

Minecraft is one of those games you think you're going to hate, but once you start playing it's rather hard to stop. Whether you're going about in survival mode or just having a bit of fun in creative mode, there's something for mostly everyone.

When it comes to getting the Minecraft experience on mobile there are a few games you can dig into. One won't be surprising at all, of course, but the others should give you food for thought.

Minecraftdownload on iOS

Yes, alright, I know this is very unimaginative, but what's the point of looking for Minecraft-like games on mobile without actually mentioning Minecraft? It's about as Minecraft as a mobile game can get, and you'll definitely want to play it.

Identical to the console and PC version, you can explore multiple biomes, fight monsters, collect resources, craft weapons, and mine deep, deep into the earth. Whether you want to play alone or online with friends, the choice is yours.

Terrariadownload on iOS

This is definitely a sandbox game you don't want to miss out on, and a rather pretty one too. If you've not yet had time to play it, Terraria is a bit like Minecraft only 2D and seriously massive. You'll explore a variety of terrains and worlds, from floating islands to what feels like the very depths of hell.

Gather resources, build yourself a base, enjoy over a thousand crafting recipes, over 450 mobs to battle, pets, bosses, and more in one tidy package. You can play however you want, whenever you want, and create your own unique adventure as you go.

Survivalcraft 2download on iOS

Rather than just popping up into a random biome, you wash up on the shores of an infinite block world and need to work fast and hard to collect the necessities for survival. Tailor your clothes, hunt animals, build shelters, explore the world, and mine to your heart's content.

These are all sounding a bit similar, but what else were you expecting from these sorts of sandbox games? While Minecraft has its survival mode, in Survivalcraft 2 you need to keep an eye on whether your food is rotting, to protect yourself from the weather, avoid sickness, and generally try a bit harder not to die.

Robloxdownload on iOS

Part Minecraft-like, part social platform, Roblox lets you play together and create with other users online. Whether you're racing other players on a racetrack, building the ultimate house, creating an awesome theme-park, or whatever else you can come up with, the choice is yours.

You can make your own character and hang out with people in-game. If you're worried about the social side of things, play is moderated so hopefully you won't get any mean folks slipping through the net.

Block Storydownload on iOS

Finally, there's Block Story which comes in two versions: premium and free-to-play. This is a bit like Minecraft-meets-classic-RPGs in the sense that you explore fantastical worlds, complete quests, and ride around on the back of dragons when they're big enough. Just call me Khaleesi.

That's not saying you can't ride around on other animals. No, dragons are just one of 29 of them. Build your very own stronghold and conquer all varieties of biomes, from blistering deserts to arctic mountain ranges. Oh, and don't forget to level up your character and craft all sorts of useful items.

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