3 excellent mobile games based on folklore

Posted by Jessica Famularo on February 7th, 2017
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Video games draw inspiration from many sources -- classic cinema, action flicks, novels, even internet memes. While games can tell stories in a huge variety of ways, some of the most compelling games use folklore and mythology as a source, pairing both classic art with these traditional stories. Here are three mobile games that do this exceptionally well.

Year Walk

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2013-02-21 :: Category: Game


Year Walkis an eerie exploration of Swedish tradition. Players set out on a pilgrimage through the gloomy Scandinavian wilderness to complete their "year walk", a quest to be reunited with a lost love. Both parts terrifying and alluring, Year Walk is one of the most atmospheric games in the App Store library. It's so heavily invested in its folkloric roots, the developers even released a companion app for folks who really want to dive deep into the lore.

The Frostrune

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2017-02-01 :: Category: Game


One of the most beautiful games to arrive in 2017 thus far, The Frostrune shipwrecks you on an abandoned island in a gorgeous Norwegian setting. This point and click adventure will see you uncovering unsettling mysteries, exploring lovely hand-drawn environments, and solving difficult puzzles.

Never Alone: Ki Edition

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2016-06-02 :: Category: Game


Never Alone draws from the tradition of the Iñupiaq people of Alaska, telling an empowering tale that transcends generations. It's a puzzle platformer, featuring Nuna, a young girl, and her friend, Fox, who embark on a trip across the frozen tundra. All of it is narrated in Iñupiaq with English subtitles.

While many of the legends from which these games draw their stories are hundreds of years old, they still make for affecting, captivating video game narratives today. If you're looking for a game that weaves a fine tale, you'd do well to check out one of these three titles.

Have you tried any of these unique games? Which one is your favorite?

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