Since Nintendo pretty much sounded the death knell for Mario Kart Tour back in October, the weaponised kart racing scene on mobile has got a little sparse of big names, with only KartRider Rush’s Arcade Mode and Boom Karts immediately coming to mind. Now though, Delabs is bringing their signature Rumble Racing Star to mobile.

This is Delab's first foray into mobile gaming, and it is arriving with a bang. Rumble racing Star is a kart racer with a little twist; you are instead all riding lawnmowers which makes the spectacle that much more amusing. Take control of a crazy clown or a man I can only liken to the Ox King from Dragon Ball, and cause some backyard chaos.

With the game's mobile launch, players can immediately jump into the competitive world of kart racing thanks to the cross-platform functionality. Will you probably get stomped by the experienced PC players to start with? No doubt, but it's a trial by fire. The mobile launch also aligns with a weekly sponsored tournament to get involved in, to show those static monitor monkeys what mobile gamers can do. To join in with the tournaments, head to the official website.

When announcing the release, Delabs CEO, Joonmo Kwon, said: "We're thrilled to announce new mobile platform support for Rumble Racing Star, opening up our gaming community to new players seeking an immersive racing experience anytime, anywhere."

“Rumble Racing Star is a natural fit for mobile game audiences, and by making it available for Android users, we are ensuring that a broader audience can now partake in our game's adrenaline-fueled excitement. This move not only aligns with our commitment to making our games accessible and fun but also sets the stage for a thrilling new chapter for Delabs in the mobile space."

Rumble Racing Star is available to download for mobile exclusively on Android now.

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