Marvel Contest of Champions is celebrating 8 years of uptime this year and has unveiled its narrative roadmap to celebrate. The new content kicks off immediately, with a mysterious break-in heralding the arrival of two notorious evildoers.

The Collector has caught wind of a break-in with sinister implications. They call upon the stalwart help of Aegon and Hyperion to investigate this happening, bringing along Howard the Duck presumably as cannon fodder. Alongside the Summoner, they will come toe to toe with the arrival of the Masters of Evil; Baron Zemo and Absorbing Man.

As a skill-type brawler, Zemo brings with him his mastery of the weaponry, being able to pull off devastating sword combos whilst also being able to control the ranged fight with his pistol and explosives. His ultimate, Masterstroke, has him immobilise his foe with Adhesive X before unleashing a barrage of sword strikes at his helpless victim.

Despite wielding a giant wrecking ball on a chain, Absorbing Man is classified as a mystic fighter, even with most of his skill set being beating his opponent with a giant rock. Very much an in-your-face fighter, Absorbing Man deals devastating damage using his talents to take on various compositions, ending with his ultimate which allows him to become a towering crystal giant and hammer foes into the ground with his giant crystal Wrecking Ball. Very mystical.

Back with a vengeance is the annual Summoner Choice Champion, an event where every player can cast their vote for who out of a small pool they want to join the battle. You could vote for the likes of Echo to join the roster, or if you wish to be wrong you can vote for one of the others such as Bullseye or Spider-Punk. The full list, as well as some lore for each choice, can be found on the Contest's Twitter.

You can check out the Year 8 Narrative Roadmap on YouTube now as you wait for Absorbing man and Baron Zemo to release, on January 19th and January 26th respectively, or you can jump right into the action now and download Contest of Champions from the App Store and Google Play.

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