FunPlus have announced a partnership with Games for Change to offer American students the chance to design a new video game character. The G4C Student Challenge is a national game design program that aims to mix students’ passion for video games with civic engagement and digital storytelling.

With a portfolio of massive games such as State of Survival, King of Avalon and Guns of Glory, it’s quite encouraging to see big companies reach FunPlus get involved with programs such as these with the reach they have. Starting in early 2023 students will get the opportunity to design a game character with FunPlus’ artists and creative team on hand to provide tips and classes to contestants, as well as judge the final results.

"We’re excited to keep building on our commitment to younger generations and contributing our own in-house expertise to the Games for Change Student Challenge,”said Chief Business Officer at FunPlus, Chris Petrovic. “Our teams are passionate about investing in the younger generations and this award provides another opportunity for us to make a concrete impact.”

The G4C Managing Director and Chief Learning Officer, Arana Shapiro, also added “For 8 years, the Games for Change Student Challenge has connected students’ passion for games with awareness and action around social issues. The FunPlus Character Design Award is an exciting addition to the program that will challenge students to level up their game design skills.”

“There are so many components to creating a video game, and we want to allow students to explore more ways to get involved in the industry, whether they’re game designers, artists, or anything in between.”

The Character Design Award is an evolution of FunPlus’ ongoing collaboration with Creative Art Works, with FunPlus having sponsored a Character Design apprenticeship with CAW since 2020. This new partnership with G4C is their next step in helping to guide the next generation of artists and video game talent.

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