After a few months of making the commendable decision to stay purely unranked to ensure its gameplay was fair and all players balanced, T3 Arena has introduced a brand new Ranked Mode. Hopefully, this long wait for a ranked mode will pay off with an enjoyably unbroken experience.

There will be three of the big modes available in Ranked; Control, Payload Escort and Clash. This gives quite a nice spread of objectives to pick from, and the choice of their Clash mode over Team Deathmatch is pretty smart and will encourage a more tactical approach to ranked over the hell for leather charge and shoot that deathmatch brings.

Before you get the opportunity to play ranked, however, there are a few requirements to clear. You need to have a few games and some experience playing with nine different heroes and have unlocked 1500 trophies, just enough to prove you know what you are doing and aren't just downloading the game to immediately grief.

When it comes to matchmaking, T3 has a few conditions in place to make it as fair as possible. First, only a player's ranked tier will be taken into account when queuing, so trophies and glory labels won’t change anything. Secondly, pre-made three-man teams will only face other pre-made teams, and solo queuers will only face other solos, which is a pretty nice idea as a pre-made team would most likely steamroll a team of randomers. Finally, you will only have to pick your character after the map is revealed, so you can choose the best character for each map which is fairly cool.

Also coming into this map is a fantastic new feature called Hero Wishlist. This gives players the chance to select a hero they want from each of the rarity tiers; grand, Epic and Mythic, and when pulling from Rumble boxes, their characters will have a higher drop rate than others, which is quite a generous move.

T3 Arena is available to download now from the App Store, Google Play and TapTap.

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