16-bit fun awaits in Super Arcade Racing, new on Android and iOS

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 5th, 2019
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Old is the new ‘new’, if the popularity of retro games is anything to go by, and nostalgia junkies now have one more reason to get excited. OutOfTheBit studio has just launched a top-down racing game that pays homage to those arcade favourites of the 1980s and ‘90s. Super Arcade Racing stays true to the beloved games which inspired it, combining simple controls, hand-drawn pixel art and pancake-flat 2D tracks to race around. There’s even a cracking synth soundtrack.

The game’s single player is essentially its story mode. You control Mick, our reluctant hero dragged into the world of illegal street racing to find out what happened to his brother. As you topple racing rivals across the 60 levels, you’ll edge ever closer to revealing the underground organisation up to no good — and saving your sibling.

Beyond single player, you also have an online multiplayer mode where you can race players in 10 different levels. There’s a training option for getting to grips with new tracks, and a whole host of challenge modes including circuit and pursuit.

As you win your way through Super Arcade Racing, your prize money will let you customise and upgrade your car, helping you to stay in pole position in style. Simply nip into the game’s garage, where Mick’s uncle is on hand to help you. Swap your engine for a better one, get some gleaming new tyres and some shiny new brakes, and give the body a cosmetic ovehaul. Then drive into battle in your 16-bit stallion, ready to tear up the tar.

You can download Super Arcade Racing now for free from Google Play, the App Store, and, for a limited time, Super Arcade Racing will be available with a 50% discount onSteam.

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