Conflict Digital is an upcoming AR strategy game that sees you assembling and deploying defences to push back a varied selection of tricky enemies.

A mysterious pixelated menace has quietly invaded the real world, and it's up to you and your reverse-engineered pixelated technology to stop the threat and save the day. It's all about building defences and finding elaborate ways to stop the enemies in their tracks.

You'll first have to gather and trade resources with which to build your units. There are combat bots and physical barriers that you can deploy on the battlefield to funnel enemies or block their path. You can also move the barriers and even throw them around if need be.

It sounds like a decent AR strategy game with the potential to serve up the odd intense combat scenario. If you're interested in learning more, the developer has been putting out progress showcases over on You can also follow the game's development by checking out the dev's Twitter account.

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