Here's what happened when we raided our favourite Nintendo games using Miitomo's Miifoto

Posted by Matt Suckley on April 22nd, 2016
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Miitomo's great, but let's be honest: it can't compete with Facebook and Twitter as a social network.

Where it comfortably beats all competitors, however, is in that special Nintendo charm it possesses. Miifoto is the best example of this. A light photo editing element in which you can stick Miis in odd situations atop real photos or pre-made backgrounds.

To highlight this, and for our own amusement, we plundered Nintendo's legendary back catalogue and got to work on invading classic games with some Miis.

Nintendo may be moving into the present day with its mobile output, but it's doing so with the same spirit that's led to such glorious successes throughout the years - and that shouldn't be forgotten either.

Phoenix Wright

The cases in some of Phoenix Wright's later games got pretty bizarre, but none as ridiculous as being confronted by a disgruntled Mii.

Facing not only the indignity of an objection - something that, if you're as bad at lawyer-ing as me, happens quite frequently anyway - but to have it come from a tiny, bobble-headed man who somehow got into the courtroom must bruise the pride somewhat.


Squirtle's always been too good for this world. He's an adorable little blue reptile whose main power is spitting water on things - to use him in a combat scenario is nothing short of cruel.

But this Mii dressed unconvincingly as Charmander seemingly has no such qualms. What a monster.

Mario and Sonic at the OlympicWinter Games

Skateboards and snowboards are much the same, except for one significant difference: the wheels. Wheels and snow don't mix, it turns out.

Another important distinction is that a skateboard exists as a sticker in Miifoto, while a snowboard - or indeed, any mode of transport better suited to snowy, downhill environments - is nowhere to be seen. Blood on your hands, Miifoto!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

What sets a regular leaf apart from a Deku leaf? At a glance, very little. In practise… well, take a running jump off a cliff with one and you'll soon find out.

This poor chap is about to learn the hard way.

Mario Kart 8

Imagine living in your brother's shadow all of your life. Imagine your own name only ever being an additional appendage to his.

Now imagine you're trying to win a race, and there's a hitch-hiker who has the cheek to request a ride - wearing your brother's merchandise, no less. You'd probably look at them like that too, wouldn't you?

Just look at the pure hatred in Luigi's eyes here. If Miifoto had a gun sticker, I'd have turned this one into a full-on drive-by.

Have you been having fun with Miifoto? We'd love to see your most creative pics! Please share them in the comments below.

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