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Experience an introduction to fractions with this app created for children ages 4-8! Designed for use in the classroom and at home, it contains progressive activities that start with learning the concept of breaking a whole into smaller parts, up to identifying fractions numerically. This preschool math or kindergarten math app includes audio instructions and animations that teach the concepts and instruct how to work through the activities. It is part of an intro to math that will help build a math foundation kids will continue to build upon in the future.

We design our math apps for kids without excessive distractions so that the focus is on the academics. You'll be pleasantly surprised how toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners can be engaged to work through simple activities when they are presented in the right way. The app is designed for everyone to use, not just those with an exposure to Montessori methods. Please take a look at the App Preview video!

Every activity is self-correcting, so the child will have to find the correct solutions before continuing to the next activity. There's a lot of content in this app! You won't be disappointed...

1. Introduction to Fractions

In this section, children will learn how to divide a whole into equal parts up to the tenths. They will be shown how to complete a whole by placing the fraction pieces into the circle until the whole is complete.

2. Explore the Fractions

These activities will help children differentiate between the fractional sizes. How does 1/2 compare to 1/5 visually? They will begin to understand this as they assemble the fractional insets that are mixed up and need to be arranged correctly. Children will also learn the concept of equivalents. 1/2 is equal to 2/4, 3/6, 5/10, etc.

3. Naming the Fractions

This section is really unique! It will help children to learn how the fractions are represented numerically. First they are taught to connect the visual fraction with it's numerical equivalent. Then they are presented with a keypad where they can try to find the correct numbers for the numerator and denominator. Finally a series of labeling activities will allow children to drag fraction cards next to images of the inset pieces to test their knowledge of how fractions are written.

We have been developing educational apps since 2010 and have focused on using simple, direct designs that minimize distractions. School systems around the world are using several of our apps because of this, and we are confident that you will appreciate how Mobile Montessori educational apps engage young minds to learn!

If you have any questions, please, contact us! We will be happy to field your questions and comments.

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Thanks for taking a look at Fractions - A Montessori Approach to Math, and for supporting our educational app products!

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