What's New

New wobble let's you create animated GIF selfiegrams. This version supports adding filters to your wobbles and sending them directly via iMessage & email.

To set up a camera to create wobbles, go into the settings for one of your cameras and set the capture to use wobble. It's as easy as that! Then start sending wobbles to your friends. They appear animated in iMessage or email. Freaky.

Oh yes, if you missed the 1.1 upgrade, that added support for iOS8, a groovy Today View widget, access to address book & white backgrounds for portrait/landscape photo imports.

If you are a happy camper, please leave a review on the App Store so we can eat & thus continue to add more great features. Thanks so much.

App Description

The best new way to create & share photos.
Six tiny tile cameras in one awesome iPhone app.
Set up each one for optimal features, speed and sharing.
Supports Message, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mail, Facebook Pages, Groups & more.

NOTE: Facebook has removed a number of key APIs that allow deletion of photos by apps and removed access to friend lists and limited sharing. Twitter features are still fine though.

A Snaptile is a new concept in photo messaging. Safe, compact, disposable, informative and sometimes even stunning. A Snaptile says more with less, to exactly who you want and for how long you want on the social networks you are using today.

- Total control over sharing.
- Auto self destructing photos for Twitter.
- Panic mode. Remove your last 30 mins / 12 hours pics from Twitter.
- Snap Nanny makes you aware of your audience before you post.
- Danger zone sets a challenge for times when you maybe shouldn't be sharing photos.
- Support for Facebook page, personal account, group.
- Set a list of FB friends for each camera.
- Exclude FB individuals from each camera.
- Set a Facebook Page or Group for each camera.
- Set a Twitter account for each camera. Never post a photo with the wrong account again.
- Send to Instagram.
- Direct iMessage support including snapmeback photo chatting.
- Direct Email with snapmeback

- Shoot directly into 5 live layout types
- Unique Selfiegram embeds your selfie into the current photo.
- New 'Wobble' takes Selfiegram to the next level adding animated GIF support.
- Twosy lets you capture two subjects into one snap in two quick shots. Great for couples to put themselves into one photo together.
- Spotlight lets you spotlight a subject within a context.
- Each picture section can have different effects & filters.

- Multi level Filters & Effects
- Snaperture - simulate depth of field/focal point
- Instagram fit & fill & white modes to fit full photos into Instagram without ugly borders.
- Slim/Wide editing to make a subject slimmer or wider.

- Quick convenient frames/borders.

- Auto detect the closest place for the photo or where you are.
- Check in with friends.

- Quickly write a caption or choose from different fonts and apperance

- Automatically watermark a photo for any of the cameras.
- Great for Facebook Pages, Instagram and Twitter businesses.

- Auto stamp the location, date, time and weather onto your photo.
- Auto stamp where you are on the planet to the photo.

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iPhone Screenshots

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Snaptile screenshot 1 Snaptile screenshot 2 Snaptile screenshot 3 Snaptile screenshot 4 Snaptile screenshot 5

App Changes

  • November 11, 2014 Initial release
  • November 19, 2014 New version 1.2


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