App Description

Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game, which is from Chinese traditional chess. Also called Gobang or FIR (Five in a Row), it is traditionally played with Go pieces (black and white stones) on a go board with 15x15 intersections.

Gomoku is traditionally from ancient China and developed from Japan. And in the early century, Gomoku was introduced to Europe and popular there. Gradually, the game is complex and normalized, so as to become today’s professional board game.

With concise and clean interface, we develop some Chinese style for iGomoku Five. And there are three modes, two-player mode, online mode and man-machine mode.

Two-player mode: two players play on the same iPad or iPhone.

Online mode: play with online players by Game Center

Man-machine mode: support normal, classic and crazy, 3 levels.

Main features:
Undo: Two-player mode needs two players agree to undo.
Man-machine mode: undo 3 steps for normal level, 2 steps for
classic level and 1 step for crazy level.
Draw: Two-player mode needs two players agree to draw.
Man-machine mode: computer will draw based on the whole game
Lost: there is a hint for both two-player mode and man-machine mode to
confirm whether itself is lost, not the opposite one.

iPhone Screenshots

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iGomoku Five screenshot 1 iGomoku Five screenshot 2 iGomoku Five screenshot 3 iGomoku Five screenshot 4 iGomoku Five screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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iGomoku Five screenshot 6 iGomoku Five screenshot 7 iGomoku Five screenshot 8 iGomoku Five screenshot 9 iGomoku Five screenshot 10

App Changes

  • January 15, 2014 Initial release