What's New

Added whole new Dungeon "Rackan" (new floor sprites and enemies)
Added Custom game Mode, can choose amount of floors, floors size and difficulty
New Class with new skill tree (unlockable on game finish)
New main scren art
Full game controller support
New UI interface for game controller mode
Multi-language support - Options-> Language.
Ui game options menu (Pause) is now also available next to Sound/Graphics options
Fixed crash bug led by dying right after stepping on a trap that triggered enemies to spawn
Prevent "Skull Key" to be stolen. This prevents a game breaking situation where it's impossible to finish the game
Dead heroes can now return from the grave and attack you on a new Game
Resource Fountains are no longer used if already at full HP/Mana
Added “Stop movement when attacked” option to help when playing with mouse.
Warrior class tweaks (more starting HP and Power)
Bosses now have the HP bar always on (even if they don't have any damage yet)
“Death” skill (Final Boss) is only used in Hell Difficulty
Added “Bio” skill to final Boss, highly reduces target HP
New option (Graphics Options) to allow music to keep playing in background, default is disabled. (should allow for better broadcasts)
Last difficulty used is now saved for creating new game
Added keys required for chests to minimap
Fixed "Hidden Stash" visible on top of carpets (hopefully this time it's really fixed)
Fixed traps not triggering when items were on the same space
Reduced "Bleeding out" chance of success (when Enemies attacking Hero)
Procedural weapons no longer have more than 1 time the same stat
Steal Ability doesn't steal everything in a slot 100% of the time anymore, now it' a chance of stealing x items from the slot
Several game performance optimizations
Fixed some memory leaks
Fixed characters animation stopping while walking
Berserk effect increased to 20 turns
Added Sleeping balloon to distracted monsters
Added reset statistics button on Statistics menu
Added Keyboard F5 shortcut to game game
Traps damage is higher on later floors
Fixed Z-position of some spells (appearing beneath objects)
Fixed glitch where attacking falling enemies(traps) too fast would make the hero attack them in the sky
Fixed bug of stacked items (Keys, Potions, Treasures) left on ground getting reset to only 1 during saves (exit + reload)
Tweaked precious stones sell price
Fixed mana UI showing full Mana tube when loading a save with 0 Mana
Fixed visual glitch (black lines) on the map borders
Fixed exploit that allowed to duplicate equipment
Fixed rare crash where dying while a enemy was spawning (outside the camera) could lead to a crash
Fixed rare crash where animations could be left pending in animation pump while switching floors leading to a crash
Fixed crash where stepping on a trap (that triggered enemies) and immediately dying by being attacked by a enemy close to trap would lead to a crash

App Description

TouchArcade: 4/5 "...very good roguelike and a fun game"
148Apps: 4/5 "Sarcastically difficult"

Quest of Dungeons is a turn based dungeon crawler game.

An evil Dark Lord has stolen all the light, so your mission is to enter his lair and defeat him.
By playing as either a Warrior, a Wizard, a Assassin or a Shaman you have to traverse dungeons, defeat enemies and loot everything you can in order to survive.

The entire game is procedural so you won't find items/enemies in the same place each time you play.

-Procedural dungeons
-Procedural weapons
-Boss encounters
-4 Difficulty levels
-Permadeath - once you die, game over, you have to restart!
-Shop - buy and sell items/weapons
-Leaderboards -compare your adventure points with your friends

iPhone Screenshots

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Quest of Dungeons screenshot 1 Quest of Dungeons screenshot 2 Quest of Dungeons screenshot 3 Quest of Dungeons screenshot 4 Quest of Dungeons screenshot 5

App Changes

  • June 08, 2014 Initial release
  • December 21, 2015 Price decrease: $4.99 -> $0.99
  • January 02, 2016 Price increase: $0.99 -> $4.99
  • November 05, 2016 New version 2.1.3

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