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Duplicate part of an image is so easy.

Clone Stamp app copies pixels from one place to another. The process involves setting a sampling area in the image which will be used as a reference to create a new cloned area. With the Clone Stamp you can merge or layer images creating collages or montages.
The important step is going to be to isolate the foreground from the background, so that we can redraw the foreground only. The CutOut Superimpose App provide two kinds of Cutout tools, one is the Magnetic Lasso, the other one is the Brush Pen, they all support the use of two fingers to zoom and move the canvas. Recommended zoom in to the maximum size of the canvas when adding anchor points or painting mask, then you can use two fingers to move the canvas.

Brush Pen are used to quickly complete the normal quality mask, magnetic lasso for accurate rendering high-quality mask, the two can be used simultaneously, and in the end you can right edge feathering.

Magnetic Lasso: The magnetic lasso tool detects and snaps to the edge of an object as you to trace along its outline, it tries to figure out where the edges of an object are by looking for differences in color and brightness values between the object you're trying to select and its background. As you drag along the edge of an object, the tool drops fastening points to anchor the selection. Magnetic Lasso is composed by a numerous anchor points closed curve, one finger tap the screen to add a new anchor points, one finger swipe the screen can precisely move the anchor point.
Pen: You can paint directly on the canvas mask, brush size adjustment based on scaling the canvas.
Automatically save the Cutout data: Cutout data is automatically saved. When you use the same foreground image, it does not need to re-enter anchor points and repainting mask.
Stamp: Copy the foreground image, create multiple clones.
Flip: Flip Horizontal foreground image.
Exposure, Saturation, Color: various colors to adjust the foreground image.

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App Changes

  • June 08, 2014 Initial release