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Welcome to the high-energy world of Blimko Extreme! Get ready for an exhilarating gaming experience that combines the excitement of Plinko-style gameplay with strategic obstacle manipulation. As you embark on this extreme adventure, your mission is clear: lead the falling balls to the portal and achieve victory.

In Blimko Extreme, the game begins as the balls tumble out of the ball holder, setting the stage for a thrilling challenge. Your goal is to guide these balls to the portal located strategically on the game board. Below the portal, you'll find a numerical indicator that represents the number of balls needed to secure victory in each level.

The twist in Blimko Extreme comes with the obstacles that litter the playing field. You have the power to move these obstacles, and your strategic choices can either assist or hinder your progress. Every move should be calculated, as obstacles can either help funnel the balls towards the portal or create additional challenges.

With every successfully guided ball into the portal, your score will rise, showcasing your mastery of ball control and obstacle manipulation. As you advance through the levels, the game will become increasingly complex, testing your ability to adapt and make quick decisions.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic visuals, engaging sound effects, and heart-pounding gameplay of Blimko Extreme. Challenge yourself to outdo your previous accomplishments, fine-tune your obstacle-moving skills, and aim to complete each level by meeting the ball quota.

Will you prove yourself as the ultimate Blimko Extreme champion, using your strategic prowess to navigate the falling balls through the ever-changing obstacle course? Embark on this extreme journey and let the adrenaline of Blimko Extreme course through your veins!

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App Changes

  • September 19, 2023 Initial release

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