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Shut Yo' Mouth is the world's best insult generator, allowing you to insult anyone, anywhere, with a multi-era, multi-generational, full-service kick in the face. Featuring original drawings and over 50,000 unique insults, Shut Yo' Mouth will add character and style to your life.

Picture this:

It’s a beautiful sunny day and you’re walking down the street enjoying the golden rays. The sky is blue and the birds are chirping. Suddenly, a random man yells: “Hey, you with the teeth!”

You hesitate, unsure of what to say, but he continues: “Yeah, you! You know who I’m talkin’ about!”

Your palms start sweating, fearing a scene. The sky clouds over. Your mind shuts off and you prepare to walk through the wall of insults that are about to come your way. If only you could say something that would make him shut his mouth.

Thankfully, there’s Shut Yo' Mouth.

If you’ve ever had the desire to quickly insult anyone using a varied vocabulary of slurs across eras then Shut Yo' Mouth is the ultimate answer.

The next time anyone tries to engage you in verbal swordplay remember that with the swipe of your thumb you can tell them to Shut Yo' Mouth!

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Shut Yo' Mouth screenshot 1 Shut Yo' Mouth screenshot 2 Shut Yo' Mouth screenshot 3

App Changes

  • June 07, 2014 Initial release

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