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Chinese cuisine introduced! The cuisine of this app is divided into the following categories: gourmet tutorial, snacks, home cooking, baking, pasta, soup, western food, congee, diet, drinks, fruit.

A compact beautifully tutorial:

【Braised chicken with chestnuts practice: 1) Wash chicken breast diced, with soy sauce, cooking wine marinated for 30 minutes. 2) shelled chestnuts, chicken breast plus starch, oil and mix well. 3) from the pan add more oil, onion ginger wok stir incense, chicken breast into Guochao. 4) Add the oyster sauce, soy sauce, fried. 5) chestnuts into Guochao, add water, cover and simmer, simmer until chestnuts cooked 6-7 sugar, salt, MSG, cover and simmer cooked, sprinkle carrot flowers, stir well then. "

"【The onion mushroom beef Farah volume]. Steak hammers Song Qiesi; onion mushrooms cut thick wire; 2 wire steak, sprinkle with salt and pepper and marinate for 15min; wok, pour vegetable oil, put the onion and saute, add steak silk stir fry a while plus mushroom silk and salt; 4. fried black pepper sprinkled into a spoonful of butter and mix well; 5. pita put salad, plus fried steak wire rolled up, cut in half to open. "

[DIY braised sweet and sour octopus, octopus cut, wipe a little salt into the pan fried (not too small fire, or octopus easy to stick pan); fried fish, jar stream little oil, fried octopus into the jar, add the right amount of water, ginger, pepper; 3, a small fire to boil, pour the sugar and vinegar (to put tomato pulp can also be); 4, in fire Man Manao, remember to turn play a cutlass until the juice boiled; 5, thicken the sauce jar, add onions. "

Delicious detail:

Taste sweet but not greasy, bubble over rum raisin dry chewy full the whole teeth almond crack Stir, nutty flavor opening the lid diffuse, 75% of melted chocolate in the cookies in the act as aftertaste messenger, compact figure friends and colleagues a lot to share ~ ~

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