What's New


2.5 Changes:
- Added Run Completion
- Added a button on ET Prediction to auto populate the DA
- Added native 1/8 mile ET Prediction
- Added date to Run Listing
- Added a filter for Track Name on Reports and Run Listing screens
- Added several new classes and a new launch type
- Fixed issue with negative reactions (red lights)
- Changed "Preload" button so that it will load the latest run for the selected vehicle.

App Description


This is the premier mobile drag racing logbook and prediction software. By giving you the ability to log over 100 different factors of every race, along with providing powerful analyzation functions, instant density altitude, and ET Prediction, RaceIQ helps you get to the bottom of what really affects your car's performance. Want to see a graph of what different tire PSIs do for your 60'? How does your bottle pressure or boost pressure affect your trap speed? With RaceIQ that (and much more) is just a few taps away.

Some quotes from real users:
"This is the app of my dreams"
"The best app I have downloaded"
"A must have for all serious drag racers"
"My favorite app"

RaceIQ features:
- Logging over 100 aspects of each and every run down the track
- ET Prediction - Two formulas are available. Both use DA and up to 7 of your previous runs (you choose the runs to use).
- Run Completion - Provide RaceIQ with a portion of a run that you lifted on or hit the brakes, and RaceIQ will complete the run so that you can see what you would have ran had you not lifted.
- One-Click DA feature which will retrieve current weather conditions based on your GPS location and calculate density altitude for you as well as automatically populate that information into runs
- Does not require an internet connection to enter runs
- Powerful reporting that allows you to visually see what changes are affecting your vehicle and how
- Allows the user to input their own weather data if they have a weather station
- Management of maintenance that can automatically tell you when different parts need to be replaced or checked. You choose when/how many runs an item should live through and RaceIQ keeps track and alerts you when you should examine the item.
- Side-by-Side run comparison for up to 7 runs allows you to see over 40 different aspects of the runs all on the same screen for easy comparison
- Segment/Interval times (i.e. 60-330, 330-1/8, etc...) are automatically calculated and displayed in graphs/reports/filters.
- Handles multiple vehicles, and you can specify which vehicle you want displayed on reports/graphs. Several users are logging runs of 4+ vehicles using one copy of RaceIQ.
- Automatic sea level correction on new runs which allows you to make an apples-to-apples comparison between runs which have different a DA.
- Provides 20 custom fields that you can label as anything you want
- Simple, easy to use interface
- Completely portable, does not require an internet connection for anything other than Density Altitude lookup and Backup/Restore.
- Allows users to download their data and import it into other programs
- Gives users the ability to backup their data online

You can't get cell or internet access at your track? No problem, the only features that require an active internet connection are the automatic weather information and backup/restore. You can fill in all the run details right there at the track, and when you do get internet access you can populate the weather information for each run simply by tapping the screen. RaceIQ will automatically fetch the weather data that is closest in both distance and time to that run, and populate that information into the software.

Need to know what your converter slip % was? Want to know what you could have ran in the 1/4 based on your time from a 1/8 mile track? How about knowing how many RPMs you drop when you upshift? RaceIQ can answer all that and more by giving you access to several of the most widely used racing calculators.

RaceIQ takes the guesswork out of your setup.

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App Changes

  • June 18, 2014 Initial release

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