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Pop! Pop! Pop!


It's unique and only in the AppStore.

Bubble jam, with its visual and audible redirections, is an interactive game where you can have a great time playing.

You’ll not notice how much time you spend when you start to play this game addictly.

Try to pop the red, blue, green, yellow, pink and orange bubbles without losing time. Pop the bubbles and win extra time and points with the combos.

Choose one of our five different modes: survival mode - combo mode - percent mode – random mode - baby mode and enjoy the game.

Attention, please, to audio-visual effects, all-in-one. You will be addicted to this ‘voice-leading game’, Bubble Jam.

You will definitely get addicted to the game.


SURVIVAL MODE - Watch your HP.

* You start the game with 5 lives. You lose a life each time you pop a wrong bubble.

* Pop the colors by following the voice command, you will lose a point for each missed bubble.

* Explode the bubbles consecutively and win combo points.

* Don’t forget to pop the extra-points too.

* When you pop the "Free-bubble" hurry up and pop all the colored bubbles before your time is up. Make as many combos as you can and higher your score.

* Try to make the best score before you run out of HP.


COMBO MODE - Fill the tubes.

* You`ll be racing against time.

* Try to pop the colors directed by the voice and fill the tubes.

* Each time you pop the wrong bubble, the tube will reset itself.

* Earn extra time from the bubbles with a clock on them.

* Win combo points with the follow up shots.


PERCENT MODE - Percentage?

* Gives the percentage of the bubbles that you popped and that you couldn’t.

* Pop the bubbles that the voice leads you.

* Wrong bubble will give you %1 penalty.

* Win an extra time by continuingly exploding the bubbles.


RANDOM MODE - Which one?!

* If you can’t decide what mode you want to play because you like to play all of them, this mode is just right for you.

* Bubble jam makes the choice for you.


BABY MODE - Enjoy and learn.

* The bubbles move slowly.

* The main point is to explode the slowly moving bubbles by following the voice command.

* It helps to improve your child`s motor skills. It leads to control your children’s hand-eye movement coordination and improves their skills.

* It increases the length of concentration ability time with the easily distracted kids and adults.

* It helps to strengthen children`s audio command response perception and ability.

With the help of the sound commands children will be able to learn colors in a fun way.


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  • June 18, 2014 Initial release

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