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Ages 3-6. This app was specifically designed to help preschool aged children to understand the sequencing of numbers. Many times, a child can count from 1 to 100 perfectly, but if you were to ask them what number comes before 76, or what number is between 23 and 25, they might struggle to find the answers. The app will give children repetitive work to learn the concept of what comes before, after and in between, thus giving them a solid foundation of the quantities that the numbers represent. It's designed to incorporate nicely into your preschool or kindergarten classroom, and many schools worldwide have been using this app for years.

This concept of teaching number sequencing was used by Manel Wickremasinghe for her Montessori preschool students in the 1970s. Of course, it was done with paper and pencil back then! Today, Manel is happy to bring this concept, that has proven the test of time, to the iPad! It is one of our most popular educational apps in the App Store.

With this app children can practice:

What comes Before?

What comes After?

What comes in Between?

Each activity allows children to fill in the columns of numbers in any order they choose. Just touch a blue square in one of the columns and then find the appropriate number in the tray to complete the sequence.

Simple activities like this help solidify basic mathematical concepts, such as sequencing, required for all future studies in math!

This activity is a time-tested, teaching tool used in many Montessori classrooms around the world. The app itself was co-developed and approved by an AMI certified Montessori teacher with over forty years experience. Use this app as a complement to your child's classroom education and as a follow-up to the other Montessori applications in the app store. Your child will enjoy this challenging and fun activity!


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