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This full-length interactive book brings to life more than 20 compelling stories of design, from the creation of Avatar to pioneering works of architecture to the subtle art of creating video game experiences. With hundreds of stunning photos, more than 30 minutes of video and interviews, and interactive features, Imagine Design Create presents a deep, new look at the creative intersection of design and technology.

From the impact of SOM’s Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland to the spark that inspired Thomas Heatherwick’s U.K. Pavilion in Shanghai; from the design of the first-person shooter experience of Splinter Cell: Conviction to Amory Lovins’s integrative perspective on design, each of these stories explores questions that swirl around the idea of design. How does design change our lives for the better? How will the next generation of designers work? What new areas of human experience is design opening for us? Now that designers can do almost anything—what should they do?

Bringing together stories of good design happening around the world, this interactive book shows how people are using fresh design approaches and new capabilities to solve problems, create opportunities, and improve the way we live and work.


“Humans’ remarkable ability to form mental patterns about how the world might be is truly one of our species’ most astonishing abilities. We normally examine it in artificially small silos called invention or design or artistic imagination. But they are inextricably connected. Here’s a rare look at the thrilling bigger picture.” — Chris Anderson, TED Curator

“Imagine, Design, Create gives us a deeper understanding of the universal principles of design, and how emerging technologies will further unlock, unleash, and reset the creative spirit.” — John R. Hoke III, Nike Design


✓More than 30 minutes of video
✓13 original video interviews exclusive to the app
✓Interactive infographics
✓More than 250 stunning images, including dozens seen only in the app
✓Slideshows and interactive photo features
✓Visual table of contents for quick and easy navigation

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