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App Description

Murky Reef is unique in seamlessly blending reading, science, language arts, math and critical thinking skills with interactive and engaging game play ALL in one app!
For ages: 6-9 years
Also recommended for kids 9 years & up with cognitive developmental delays

-Murky Reef is EdTech Digest Awards 2012 finalist in mobile apps category.

What people are saying:
-Famigo APProved with 5-STAR rating!!
"Murky Reef is one of the best critical thinking apps."

-TheOnlineMom.com: Featured as "App of the Week"
Awesome educational app, consistently capitalizes on “teachable moments”, retains its high entertainment value by engaging the user’s imagination.

-AppsForHomeSchooling.com gives 5-STAR rating!!!
"Murky Reef is an incredibly fun educational app that really draws children right into the action."
View video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkOSK6pwsqk

- True 21st century multi-media learning using informational text, interactive graphics, audio, curated & safe videos and of course games!
- Interactive play in a coral reef with shark, pufferfish, cleaner fish and more.
- Math & Language Arts content aligned with Common core standards.
- Carefully structured questioning that fosters critical thinking.
- Progress report across activities and across skill set.
- Ideal for classrooms with support for 10 student profiles.

More features:
- 22 cross-curricular games that are fact-filled and fun.
- Thrilling interactions - Make shark teeth fall off, inflate a pufferfish, make an octopus squirt ink, touch jellyfish and more!)
- Win sea creatures and learn tons more about each of them

Topics covered
In Science:
* Coral reef ecosystem
* Habitat, prey-predator relationship
* Interesting sea animals like pufferfish, cleaner fish etc.
* Sharks - types, habitat, fascinating attributes, body anatomy
In Math:
* Number sense (Can you count, compare and compose numbers?)
*Arithmetic (Add & subtract 1-20 quickly. Use sea stars and sea snake number line to answer!)
* Number patterns (Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, 100s, forwards & backwards counting)
* Addition/Subtraction grid (Analyze a grid, do mental math & spot the equation)
In Language Arts:
* Read and be quizzed on comprehension
* Words & letters. Perceiving & discerning letters in various words (Did you realize that 2 words can have common letters but differ in just 1 letter? Think ROSE and SOAR! Compare and deduce.)
* Spot rhyming words (Do BAT and COT rhyme? You tell me...) from a large list of word families.
* Sight word search (Can you find the word ABOUT lost in this grid of letters? Spell and find!)
* Vocabulary (This app is all about sea creatures. Turtles have “fl_ppers”. What is the missing letter? Think & spell)
* Sentence structure & composition (Sentences start with capitalized letter & may end with a period. Now create a sentence!)
* Game on word synthesis (Do you like anagrams and crosswords? Here is a simplified version for your thriving kid! Challenge her/him!)

Skills addressed
* Mental Math & Math Facts( with & without manipulatives)
* Logical deduction
* Vocabulary
* Reading and listening comprehension
* Analysis & Application of knowledge

NOTE on videos: The videos are carefully curated and are kid-friendly. Playing the videos requires Wi-Fi connection.
NOTE to teachers: This app is designed with Bloom's taxonomy in mind as applicable to 5-8 year olds. We have addressed 4 levels of Bloom's taxonomy - knowledge, comprehension, analysis, and application through various activities in this app. Please feel free to provide your critical and valuable feedback.
You can learn more about Murky Reef and the design goals behind the games at http://frolyc.tumblr.com/

Privacy Disclosure: We do not collect personally identifiable information. We do not have links to social media, ads or in-app purchases. We have links within the app to the Frolyc website & to email us. View our privacy policy at www.murkyreef.com.

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App Changes

  • June 06, 2014 Initial release
  • September 29, 2014 New version 2.7.1

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