App Description

Great for camping, or outdoor activities!

This Application is a 3 in 1 package it has a Timer, a Note Pad, and a Bug Spray!

Create timers to monitor how long it takes to do your work, how long you make a pause or whatever you have to time. You can put a certain time on it and then click Start

- Start
- Reset to 0
- Adjust Time
- Etc

Note Pad
Replace the standard notes app with Note Pad,

In this Note Pad you can Clear which will delete everything, And if you write something you click done it will remain there, So if you go camping you can quickly pull out your device and write down what you see or you can write your logs down within the note pad to record how long the animal or something has been standing there, etc

Bug Repellent

Protect yourself with Bug Repellent.

The Bug Repellent is an extraordinary option if you see mosquitos or any other bug you quickly press one of the 3 buttons and you will hear a long buzz sound and the Mosquitos/ Bugs will quickly run away!

Bug Repellent emits high frequency tones that have the effect of repelling insects. These high frequency tones are above the hearing range of most people, so don't be alarmed if you can't hear the tones.

This app has three different modes. Each mode emits a different high frequency pattern. See which one works best for you.

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