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Here's the PREQUEL to King Idiot 1 and 2. Get a taste of the ultra popular "King Idiot" game series to see what all the hoopla is about.

Time to prove you're NOT an idiot!

. 3 levels of brain-damaging challenges
. Tons of mind-bending puzzles that cripple weak brains
. Addictive challenges not fit for the stupid

Would you like to be the King of all Idiots?

In "King Idiot: Adventures" you get to try 3 different levels pulled right from the King Idiot 1 and King Idiot 2 games. If you enjoy these levels, you will love the full games that will transport you to the wonderful, yet crazy land of Idiotopia, where your goal is to go from a monkey-brained fool, to becoming King of all idiots.

In "King Idiot 1: Are You An Idiot?" you will progress through the fantastical world of Idiotopia, meeting ridiculous creatures, ludicrous characters, and maybe even a brain-dead, re-animated, barely dressed undead hottie, even King Dodo lusts for. Your goal is to reach King Dodo and take the crown. Simple right? Yeah... if you're smarter than a gnat!

In "King Idiot 2: Rise of the Morons" you are now king idiot and must defend your kingdom from Moronia, where an uprising of morons are gathering to take your kingdom away from you and convert all idiots to morons.

For those of you already with a mental deficit, helping you traverse Idiotopia and the brain-punishing obstacles will be your feeble-minded guide, "Dimwit" and his genius frog "Gorf." Yes, a frog that is smarter than both of you will be your source of guidance and wisdom.

Beautiful artwork, puzzling challenges, and a fast pace make the whole King Idiot series a pleasure (and sometimes a frustrating pain in the a**) to play.

*Warning* - play this game at your own risk! The developer cannot be held responsible if you act like a chimp or people see you touching your nose to your iOS device. Throwing your iOS device against a wall does in fact end the game, but we do not recommend that. Why do steroids to experience roid rage when you can just play King Idiot to feel the same thing!

PS: If you cannot finish at least 2 of the 3 challenges, then grab a banana and make chimp sounds.

And now for some made up testimonials:

. "My IQ level dropped 25 points after finishing the game. Well worth it." -Einstein Society of Intellects (ESI)

. "Before playing King idiot, I thought I was smart, but now realize I am an idiot. It's fun to be an idiot." - Former president of the USA

. "If you've ever wondered what ultimate frustration and despair feels like when coupled with incredible joy and the feeling of achievement, then King Idiot 1 and 2 are for you." -Blort, Supreme ruler of planet Duhbl-DBhoobz

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App Changes

  • June 12, 2014 Initial release