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★★★★★ My favorite puzzle app for kids just went from great to freaking amazing
✔ HUGE update - added a new "Tile Magnet" option so you can now turn the automatic tile magnet / drop ON or OFF
The tile magnet automatically snaps puzzle pieces in its place. This is great for toddlers with little fingers but now you can turn this off if you are ready to take your puzzle skills to the next level.

✔ Improved sound play back so success sounds no longer overlap with other audios
✔ Incorporated user suggestions and feedback

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App Description

★★★★★ Finally a great puzzles app for little ones

Little Puzzles helps your child develop critical thinking and mental reasoning skills thus expanding a very important part of their mind. Plus, even adults will have fun playing with this app at the more advanced levels. :-)

Approved by parents, teachers, and kids the world over.

Little Puzzles is an exciting interactive game that helps you learn how to recognize shapes and figures and complete puzzles all with just the touch of your finger. Pattern recognition and completion represents an important developmental skill for kids of all ages.

Little Puzzles is specifically designed to be easy to use for kids. The interface is so easy to use that even a 9 month old baby will delight in moving their first objects around the page. Since the level of difficulty is fully adjustable even kids up to 6 and above will still enjoy playing with these puzzles.

If you are looking for an app to develop critical thinking and matching skills, then the Little Puzzles will become one of your most treasured apps!


✔ Add your own puzzles - any image you add will be turned into an exciting puzzle
✔ Audio hints - turn audio hints where the name of the featured item in the puzzle is read out loud on or off
✔ Visual hints - shows a preview of the final puzzle in the destination tiles to make puzzle easier for kids learning
✔ Uses real gorgeous photographs that are carefully handpicked vs. cartoonish illustrations
✔ Fun & engaging voice artist keeps kids engaged
✔ Multi-sensory learning tool - combining seeing, hearing, and tactile feedback
✔ Multi-language support - since you can edit all existing items and sounds can record everything in your native tongue
✔ Puzzle pieces - you decide how many puzzle pieces to include. Supports min. 4 and up to 32 pieces.
✔ Adjustable difficulty - on the easy setting 50% of the puzzle is pre-filled, on the medium setting 25% of the puzzle is pre-filled and on the hard setting 0% of the puzzle is pre-filled


✔ Add your own puzzles!
✔ You can add your own pictures and turn photos of your family members into exciting puzzles
✔ Record your own voice - you can teach while playing puzzles by recording the item name of each puzzle in your voice
✔ Difficulty - You decide the number of puzzle pieces and how much of the puzzle to pre-fill
✔ Customize game sounds - can even customize the game and success sounds so that your little one hears your words of appreciation

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App Changes

  • June 18, 2014 Initial release