What's New

- 17 new scenes including Big Sur, The Grand Canyon, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Shelter Cove.
- Support for Apple Silicon and macOS Big Sur.
- If you experience any issues please contact us at [email protected].

App Description

Magic Window brings your desktop to life with beautiful slow moving timelapse views for your wallpaper and screen saver. The app includes 289 views of coasts, beaches, cities, mountains, lakes, and more. Watch as time and light slowly paint the skies beautiful colors and cities transform from day to night and back again.

Created by the same team that brought you Magic Window for iPad and iPhone, this is a new style of desktop wallpaper made using timelapse photography. The wallpapers slowly blend over time revealing magical changes in scenery and color. The goal is to create slow and subtle movement that does not distract from work.

The speed of the wallpaper can be changed from slowest where movement is not visible to fastest where movement is subtle and noticeable. Depending on if you prefer more static wallpaper or "live" wallpaper you can adjust this setting to conform to your tastes. Most views were filmed over hours and capture complete sky transitions.


Magic Window comes in two editions - Magic Window and Magic Window 4K. Please get the right edition for your Mac. If you end up with the wrong version please e-mail [email protected].

Magic Window 4K is best for:
* 2016 and newer 15"-16" MacBook Pro with Retina Display
* 2018 and newer 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display
* iMac with 4K/5K Retina Display
* Mac Pro or Mac Mini with 3K/4K/5K display

Magic Window is ideal for all other Mac Models including:
* MacBook Air (current and older models)
* MacBook Pro models without Retina Display
* MacBook Pro 15"-17” models older than 2016
* MacBook Pro 13" models older than 2018
* MacBook (12")
* iMac models without Retina Display
* Older Mac models in general

Magic Window scenes are full 16:10 HD resolution (1920x1200) and look fantastic on most Mac models. These are truly high definition wallpapers, not stretched low resolution videos.

Magic Window includes 289 scenes: 10 are built into the app, and 279 are downloaded after you install the app. We use scene downloads so we can bring you more and more scenes without making the app larger and larger. There are no additional charges for downloads. You can install the app on as many Macs as you want and download scenes as many times as you want.

The downloadable wallpapers total 20GB in size. You can choose to download as many as you want or download all. You can also delete wallpapers and re-download them later. To download all wallpapers you will need 20GB of spare storage.

Magic Window fully supports multiple monitors, allowing you to have different scenes on each display and to selectively enable or disable displays. AirPlay can also be used to display the scenes on an Apple TV. Note that you can not stretch a single scene across multiple displays.

Big Sur, Catalina Island, Mojave Desert, Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, New Zealand, Iceland, Mono Lake, Pyramid Lake, Santa Monica, Pacifica, Oregon Coast, and many more!

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Lucerne, New Orleans, New York City, Paris, Prague, Portland, Rome, San Francisco, Seattle, Taipei, Tokyo, Venice, and many more!

Enjoy Magic Window. If you have questions especially about compatibility with your display setup feel free to contact us at [email protected].

This is not a system screen saver - it works independently of the system screen saver.

iPhone Screenshots

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Magic Window screenshot 1 Magic Window screenshot 2 Magic Window screenshot 3 Magic Window screenshot 4 Magic Window screenshot 5

App Changes

  • June 10, 2014 Initial release
  • June 13, 2014 Price increase: $1.99 -> $3.99
  • June 15, 2014 Price increase: $3.99 -> $6.99
  • September 15, 2015 New version 1.7
  • December 13, 2015 New version 2.0
  • November 06, 2016 New version 2.1
  • June 14, 2019 New version 2.2
  • June 14, 2019 Price increase: $6.99 -> $7.99
  • November 26, 2019 Price increase: $7.99 -> $9.99
  • July 14, 2020 New version 3.1.5
  • August 05, 2021 New version 4.1

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