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App Description

Every musician knows an accurate chromatic tuner is an absolutely essential piece of gear. And tuning accoustic and electric instruments has never been easier. Tuner allows you to tune any note with amazing accuracy using the built-in mic on your device.

Whether you want to tune guitar strings to a different pitch or tune a particular note on any instrument, you’ll be an expert in a matter of minutes. Tune any acoustic or electric instrument - guitar, bass, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano and any other instrument that can sustain a tone.

In addition to visual tuning via meter, the integrated tone generator can generate a reference tone of any note if you prefer tuning by ear.

The Metronome will help you with a visual and audible beat indicator to play at a steady tempo. You can select tempo and time signature per your specs.

Tuner includes built-in support for custom transposition and notations, configured for your choice 8 notations, including English, Solfège, French, Spanish or European.

A Full Array of Advanced Features:

• Chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe
• Wide range of ultra responsive real time pitch detection, covering C1-C8 ranges
• LCD needle-type meter with accuracy of ±1/100 semitone (±1 cent) for ultra-precise tuning
• Animated note scale to quickly identify the note played or select any target note
• Integrated tone generator produces a reference tone to ‘tune by ear”
• Metronome with beat indicator: to set speed and time signature settings
• Adjustable A4 calibration
• Frequency Display or Clear Tune Indicator
• Eight selectable notations built in, including English, Solfège, French, Spanish and European
• User defined notations
• Support for transposing instruments
• Ten different wood finishes to customize the look of the interface
• Five selectable tone wave forms: Sinus, Reverse Sinus, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle
• Needle Damping
• Integrated Help

* Even if the pitch is within the detection range, detection may not be possible for instrumental sounds that contain a large number of overtones or have a rapid decay.

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App Changes

  • July 02, 2011 New version 1.1
  • June 23, 2012 New version 2.0
  • November 20, 2012 New version 3.0
  • November 15, 2013 New version 3.1
  • June 13, 2019 New version 4.0
  • July 15, 2020 New version 4.1