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As a famous man once said, “We all got it coming kid.” The question then becomes, when? Maybe you don't want to know, I know I don't, but hey maybe you do. Well if you fall into the latter, then you'll want to give Death Clock a spin. Death Clock - Free is an electronic, user-friendly actuary table of sorts that runs universally accepted variables for formulating one's mortality. So show off your own personal Watchmen doomsday clock to your friends and see which who will outlast whom. Heck, I don't know, start your own pop culture phenomenon and start celebrating anniversaries to the day of your demise.

Death Clock - Free calculates your approximate death date down to the second. You can literally see your life disappearing before your very eyes! This application has many unique features that surpass any other death calculators out there. When calculating time of death or length of mortality, Death Clock takes into account the users body mass index (BMI), birth date, and information on his/her medical history and habits. The information is saved and can be viewed with the touch of a button.

How it works:
Death Clock's calculations are loosely based on the Cox Proportional Hazards Model (

For the calculations, everything starts by entering a birth date. From there, body mass index (BMI) is calculated and a short series of questions pertaining to medical history as well as daily habits are addressed. BMI along with the information gathered in the short quiz are assessed and compounded to create a fairly accurate guess on the date of death for the individual.

-Calculates approximate time of death down to the second using Cox Regression
-Calculates BMI and informs the user whether he/she is overweight, underweight, or of a normal weight (
-Displays a countdown timer which shows the users time left to live broken down into years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds
-Displays the age at which the user is expected to pass away

-Gender is taken into consideration when calculating your death date.
-Metric and standard measurements are supported for BMI calculations.

NOTE: This application is for entertainment purposes ONLY. It utilizes commonly used algorithms and health data to formulate a predicted date, it IS not a certain science.

Death Clock works with all generations of the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch.

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