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Shy or sociable? Strong or senitmental? Personality Scan - Free can "magically" scan your thumb print and tell you what type of personality you have! Like with all magic there is some illusion, which in this case are four invisible buttons that allow you to control what type of personality will be displayed, or set it to randomly display a personality. The default messages are listed below but you can create your own type of messages to be displayed on the screen after a thumb reading too if you'd like.

Type A Personality - You are the leader type. Very Independent, direct, and to the point. Focused on being successful.

Type B Personality - You are the social type. Enjoy to party, travel, and meet new people. Often the center of attention.

Type C Personality - You are the nerdy type. Thrive on details, accuracy, and take just about everything seriously. Very calculated and precise.

Type D Personality - You are the emotional type. Very supportive, compassionate, happy, and content with yourself. Others often turn to you for help.

So find that special someone and within a matter of seconds get a quick peek into their psyche or set yourself up to look Prince or Princess Charming :)

Personality Scan - Free is compatible with all versions of the iPhone and iTouch.

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