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SALE!!! ONLY 0.99$

- Trailer & Gameplay Movie !!

- Great graphics, bold actions, excellent controls!

- Dual stick!
- Shooting!
- Action!

- You lookin for a decent game?

- A game to fill your needs for more!

- The game that will fill up the 2% not fulfilled by any other games!

- Creatures - THE FIRST BLOOD !!!

- Show off your power by controlling the main character and eliminating numerous creatures!

- Stage
- Stages of 2 different modes.
- Survival and defense!

- Survival
- A stage where you have to eliminate a certain number of creatures.
- You have to dodge creature attacks and hit back to clear the stage.

- You have to defend your base for the given time.
- The only thing left for you if you cannot defend the base is death!

- Weapons
- You get weapons, traps, hps for killing the red monsters.

- Machine gun
- Rapid fire, endless ammo!

- Shotgun
- A wide range of attack.

- Rocket launcher
- A strong damage to many enemies.

- Railgun
- Hits enemies in a line very quickly.

- Sub weapons
- Machine gun
- A machine gun that helps players.

- A trap that slows down creatures.

- Ect Item
- Health potion

- Creatures - THE FIRST BLOOD is OpenFeint Enabled.

[How to play]

- Movements
- Drag the left bottom.

- Dodge (Roll)
- Double-tap the left bottom.

- Attack
- Drag the right bottom. (Attacks automatically if enemies spotted.)

- Weapon Icons
- Change weapons.

- Trap
- Set traps.

- Pause
- Contine or Main menu

iPhone Screenshots

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Creatures - THE FIRST BLOOD screenshot 1 Creatures - THE FIRST BLOOD screenshot 2 Creatures - THE FIRST BLOOD screenshot 3 Creatures - THE FIRST BLOOD screenshot 4 Creatures - THE FIRST BLOOD screenshot 5

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