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By now we all know that Alcohol is bad for you. Yet some people decided to still go have a beer. It is not because they do not care about the adverse affects of drinking, it is that the effects are slow so we don't notice.

Adverse Affects of Alcohol:
- High in Calories
- High price
- Confusing sales

We know your still going to go to the bar and have a drink so to help fight the affects of drinking alcohol we have created Beer Calc. With Beer Calc you no longer have to guess which beer you should drink to save money or to consume the least amount of calories. at first it seems easy, either the cheapest to save money, or the one with the least amount of calories if your watching your weight. We'll this is not always true because you may have to purchase more of those cheap Beer's to reach the same results as fewer of a more less expensive Beer. And the same with calories, you may need to drink more of a low calorie beer to get drunk like you do with fewer of a higher calories beer.

Enter the available beers and their prices, and Beer Calc will determine which beer is best for saving money, or watching your calories, and will tell you how much of that particular Beer you need to drink to reach a state of inebriation.

Price per ounce calculator is built in to deal with confusing sales. Bars will tell you they are having a special on 12 ounce drafts, but this may not actually be cheaper than a larger sized more expensive beer. Well using the Price per ounce calculator built into Beer Calc you can determine which is the true deal.

- Beer Calc Calculator
- Price per ounce Calculator
- Beer Ranking (Beer's ranked based on Alcohol Content)
- Add Custom Beer to Beer Database
- Easily Manipulate Database
- Built in Tutorial to help you get to that familiar state of being drunk

Always Drink responsibly
Never Drink and Drive
For Educational Purposes Only

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