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An iPad magic trick as easy to perform as 1,2,3, but hard for audiences to figure out because it has TWO methods! The best tricks are the ones you THINK you have figured out, only to be mystified by a SECONDARY more sophisticated secret method! This is just such a trick! We have a version for the iPhone and iPod touch, but the iPad's large screen makes this trick great for presenting to a larger audience!

Run the app and hand the iPad to an audience member. They touch a number on the iPad, and pass the iPad around to other audience members so they know what number was selected. You never need to touch the device. When ready, you announce the chosen number to their amazement! And if they think they know how you did it, YOU CAN LEAVE THE ROOM and repeat the trick using the SECONDARY method to keep them guessing!

The first time you run the app, you will be prompted for your email address. The secret instructions will automatically be sent to you. If for some reason the email doesn't get to you, visit us at http://www.NoTie.NET/magic and enter the same address you entered using the app or simply email us to ask for help. You can also delete and reinstall the app to see the first-time screen again.

Apps are sold separately.
This is the iPhone version of the audience app.
To get the iPad version of the app for the audience, search the app store for magicslate HD
To get the iPhone version of the app for the audience, search the app store for magicslate tablet
To get the ASSISTANT version of the app, search the app store for magic slate assistant

iPad Screenshots

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1,2,3 MagicSlate HD screenshot 1

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