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Using the touch technology, "patented English vocabulary study system - UP DOWN study" will help you study with ears, eyes and hands.

947 of 1024 beta testers were satisfied with the results.

Now, it's your time to experience.

- Now your 30 minutes in a subway invested for your future.

- Application that is greater than $300 Blinking machine.

- More than anything, selection of the words is superior. It's almost as if a renowned instructor sorted out the vocabulary.

- English vocabulary studying whose repetition is important. It is automatic if you follow UP DOWN!

In the word, there only exist "words that you already know" and "words you will need to learn".

You cannot even imagine how the results can differ depending the methods of studying. If you want to improve your English, then start now! You just need to push up the words you know and push down the words you don't know.

The only way to improve memory is repetition.

German psychologist, Ebbinghaus continued his experiments on memory for about 16 years. As result, humans forget half of memory (50%) after 1 hour, 70% after a day and 80% after a month.

It's a surprising fact that 50% of the memory is gone within an hour, but it's also surprising to know that 20% remains even after a month.

In studying, building up these 20% up to 100% will provide the way to the top. Repeating continuously without giving up is the key to the success when studying English.

Then why UP DOWN study?

[The characteristics of UP DOWN study]

1) Study anywhere at anytime!
Does studying English vocabulary require heavy books and lots of free time? It has to be done in every spare moment.
It's important to be able to study at anytime anywhere.

2) Easy, fun and doesn't waste time!
You just need to push up the ones you know and push down the ones you do not know. It helps you to effectively repeat what you don't know.

3) Use eyes, ears and hands!
With your eyes, you see the words sorted by colors. With ears, you listen to correct pronunciation. With hands, you mark the ones you memorize. The trinity doubles the memory.

[UP DOWN study method]

- Study 20 words which is an appropriate number for a day's workload over 50 days period.

- Mark the ones you know by pushing up the words and pushing down the ones you don't know.

- Studying 3 times a day allows enough repetition. After 3 sessions, move on to next day.

- Organize the words that you cannot really memorize in different colors by clicking -3 ~ +3 buttons in the below.

- You can listen to pronunciations repeatedly by touching the word in the middle.

Patent application: 10-2009-0110517

[제작] Waterbear Soft inc.

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  • June 24, 2011 New version 2.0.4
  • January 01, 2012 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $0.99
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