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Food Watch displays food ingredients to avoid for people suffering from various Food Allergies or medical conditions.

There are currently 7 categories with over 200 ingredients to avoid:
ANIMAL PRODUCT - Foods for Vegetarians who wish to avoid some or all foods that are derived from animals.
GLUTEN - Celiac Disease is a condition where the body does not process the Gluten that is found in wheat flour. More people every year are suffering from this condition and this list provides some hidden sources of Gluten that may be found on ingredient lists.
KIDNEY DISEASE - People who suffer from Kidney failure or on dialysis have specific types of foods they must avoid. Foods that are high in Potassium, Phosphorus, and Sodium are a big problem for these people.
LACTOSE - This list contains foods that people with Lactose intolerance need to avoid. The Lactose creates stomach and digestion problems in these people.
NUT ALLERGY - Some people have a Peanut or Tree nut allergy. The degree of allergic reactions vary widely from hives to death without quick treatment.
PRESERVATIVES - This list includes ingredients that preserve the taste, color, and shelf life. Some of the colorings have been shown to cause cancer while other ingredients like MSG to preserve taste have caused people to have allergic reactions.
SWEETENERS - There are a wide variety of Artificial Sweeteners that have been used in foods. These are usually used in low calorie foods and marketed to people who wish to lower their calorie intake, but some have been known to cause digestion trouble as well as a cancer risk according to some studies.

- Add your own foods to avoid
- Add your own categories
- Select Ingredients as "Favorites"
- Search Ingredients in all categories

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