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Get to know yourself better with iGraphology!

It is said that “Handwriting reflects the personality”… Now discover yours or that of the people around you, thanks to this application specially designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

♦ Principle ♦
Make the most of the benefits of HANDY GRAPHOLOGY with iGraphology!
Surprise yourself by discovering CHARACTERISTICS OF YOUR PERSONALITY you were unaware of until now, or prepare yourself for your next PROFESSIONAL OR ACADEMIC INTERVIEW.
Also find out what handwriting reveals about THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU and try to uncover the mysteries behind certain behaviors!

♦ Use ♦
Explore different psychological profiles in several stages:
1.PHOTOGRAPH or SCAN the handwriting you want to analyze.
2.MODIFY IT as you like: by changing the size, by moving it, by adjusting the threshold of blanks
3.Start the ANALYSIS... and observe the RESULTS of your graphological study!

♦ Analysis ♦
The application examines different characteristics of your handwriting in order to create an observation:
- Use of SPACES
- FORM of letters (structured, spindly…)
- SIZE of handwriting (small, large…)
- ORIENTATION of the letters and lines of handwriting (ascending, descending…)
- SLOPE of the text (vertical, tilted…)
- PRESSURE: thickness of strokes relating to pressure applied (light, heavy…)
- SPEED of gesture (fast, slow…)
- DISTANCE between words (continuity of gesture)

♦ Characteristics ♦
- HISTORY of analyses to REVISIT the results of the personalities revealed
- MODIFICATION MODULE of the analyses recorded
- Possibility of SENDING analyses DIRECTLY by E-MAIL

♦ Contents ♦
iGraphology draws up a psychological profile for you according to different poles :
- GENERAL CHARACTER: This is what defines you in your daily life
- INTELLECTUAL LIFE: What are your skills and qualities in terms of intellect?
- ACTIVE LIFE: How do you behave in your workplace?
- PERSONALITY: What differentiates you from other people?
- SOCIAL LIFE: What are your relationships like with others?

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