App Description

"This game is a fun ride. You squash progressively faster waves of 3D animated skeletons, while they taunt you with funny voices. It is as simple as that, yet it was surprisingly satisfying for me.(...)"

"Pleasantly, unique little app."

'Buccaneer's Gold' is a small but very funny and addictive game in which your goal is to crush with your finger as many skeletons as you can before they reach the treasure chest. The task sounds simple enough but the sheer number of skeletons that you need to deal with and the fact that they act quite intelligently for a pile of bones make your job quite difficult.

Feature Highlights:
* Hundreds and hundreds of animated skeletons with advanced AI trying to get to your gold
* Hilarious sound effects and voice overs
* Visual effects to mark the progress and the difficulty
* High Score keeping your best result
* Global Total Kills score to keep count on how many skellies you crushed since you acquired the game

iPhone Screenshots

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Buccaneer's Gold screenshot 1 Buccaneer's Gold screenshot 2

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