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Truth or Dare? We have all played, but have you ever played Truth, Dare, or Double Dog Dare?

We have only the best truths and dares no cheesy stuff here, and if you don't like out questions or dares you can add your own!

Example Truths:

- Describe your first intimate experience.
- Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying?
- How many partners have you had intimately?
- Out of all the people here, who do you like the most as friends and also more than friends?
- Have you ever cheated on you significant other? Who? With who?
- What is the meanest thing you ever done?
- Have you ever not made it to the bathroom in time?
- What is the kinkiest thing your ever done?
- How sexual are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

Example Dares:

- Smear peanut butter under one armpit and jelly under the other. Do not remove for three turns.
- Sit the next three rounds on the lap of someone of a different sex.
- Wear your underwear on your head for 3 turns.
- Make sounds like a chicken for 20 seconds.
- Talk dirty to the last person to choose Double Dog Dare. (Your choice if no Double Dog Dare).
- Make sexy sounds for 10 seconds.
- Act out a commercial ad.
- Draw a mustache and keep it on until the game is over.
- Booty dance for 20 seconds.
- Make out with the wall for 20 seconds.

There is only one way to find out the Double Dog Dares!

Truth Dare or Double Dog Dare works with OS 2.0 and greater.

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