What's New

- minor bug fixes
- added warning messages at max readings

App Description

"This is one of the best detector apps I've seen yet..." - BASICOFVIZUAL! - Version 1.0

"OMG, this is the best app ever! Perfection has been reached! Let's go home now." - ofijo team member - Version 0.7

Yes, it's another prank tool. And we're aware that there are hundreds of them. But this one is very, very cool. Why? Because it brings messing with your friends (or enemies) to a new level...

With Detector XT you can make them believe, that you have a real detecting device in your phone. It features 10 different modes:

- Lie detector
Freak them out with the Lie Detector that says they're lying when YOU want it to. Think of the possibilities!

- Metal Detector
Want to make someone think that you have a shrapnel in your leg? Or maybe a brain implant? Braces? Or want kids to dig a hole on the beach looking for a hidden treasure? The Metal Detector is your friend.

- Radiation
"Don't touch that! It's radioactive!" or "And as you can see, this rock IS uranium. Now go wash your hands!"

- IQ Scan
Because sometimes it's hard to prove that someone is stupid. Or that you're smarter than others. Or that this dog isn't smarter than yours, it's just well trained! Use it wisely.

- Ghost detector
Excellent for convincing kids that there are no ghosts in the closet... and messing with people that actually believe in this kind of stuff!

- Nerd detector
Now you can scientifically prove that you're not the biggest nerd in the room! Unleash the power of the Nerd Alert!

- Virus Scan
Can be used both with computers and humans!

- Poison Check
Use it on things that you have no desire of eating. They might believe it! *cough! cough!*

- Love Meter
Even if she/he won't believe it, it's worth trying! And it's cute! And pink!

- Zombie Test
Use with extra care around people with wooden stakes and chainsaws!

Obviously we take absolutely no responsibility for how this wonder-tool is being used, as we have no idea what you may come up with! Just please be careful.

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