What's New

- new special effects
- new gameplay options

App Description

The princess has been kidnapped by an evil gang... Unfortunately for them, you are a master of karate!

"Karate Fighter" for ipod/iphone is a loving homage to 1970's kung fu movies and classic 1980's arcade beat 'em ups.

The lite version of Karate Fighter features the first three levels of Karate Fighter. The full version includes a whopping eight levels of classic gameplay.

Multiple control schemes are supported ranging from a traditional d-pad with a single contextual button to advanced layouts with dedicated attack left/right/high low buttons. Tap the settings icon on the top right of the screen to cycle through all seven. The default control option (shown in screenshots) is recommended.

Features three levels of difficulty:
- easy difficulty provides the most accessibility for new and younger players. The player is granted extra health, and boss difficulty is reduced.
- normal difficulty is intended to reflect a traditional "arcade" experience.
- expert mode is provided for seasoned players.

Play Control:
- press and hold "left" to walk left
- press and hold "right" to walk right
- tap "down" to crouch
- tap a jump button to jump left, up, or right
- tap an "attack high" button to kick opponents in the face to the left or right
- tap an "attack low" button to execute crouching attacks to the left or right
- tap any attack button while airborn to execute a flying attack
- press any button to shake off enemy holds

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iPhone Screenshots

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Karate Fighter Lite screenshot 1 Karate Fighter Lite screenshot 2 Karate Fighter Lite screenshot 3 Karate Fighter Lite screenshot 4 Karate Fighter Lite screenshot 5

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