What's New

New features based on feedback from the community! Jump right into the game with a shorter tutorial, and get access to 3 brand new cities in the Full version.

- No longer requires a net connection to get started!
- Speed optimized for OS 3.0.
- Sleeker, more streamlined Tutorial
- Saves volume & SFX settings between games

App Description

Everyone's got somewhere to go, and only Taxiball can help! Use intuitive tilt controls to guide the Taxiball to pick up and drop off fares to earn as much $$ as you can before the clock expires!

Try out Taxiball with Taxiball Free, priced at a bargain basement cost of NOTHING! Take a spin through the Tutorial level, and try out your skills in a complete city of the full game! Earn Awards, post your scores on the Global Leaderboards, and add people to your Friends List! Best of all, once you've mastered N00bsville and are ready for a real challenge, all your progress, scores, Awards, and Friends carry over seamlessly to the Full Version!


"There are a ton of marble games out there that let you roll around by tilting your iPhone. Forget about them. Taxiball’s the best." - Tyler Nagata, GamesRadar.com

"Even though I own a lot of apps and I have to sort through some crap, Taxiball deserves to be pushed to the top, it’s crazy tilting fun."
- Daniel Scott

"If you're tired of ball-rolling games not quite living up to expectations on the iPhone then it's your sworn duty to go and grab this. Indulge yourself with a truly classy roll-'em-up game destined to become a cult hit, and deservedly so."
- 8/10
- Phil May
- allaboutthegames.co.uk

"The game has a wonderful sense of humor and is engaging on all fronts."
- 3/4
- Stuart Kershaw
- slidetoplay.com

"Simply put, Taxiball is awesome. Exceptionally fun... will keep you entertained for hours."
- 4/5 Stars, EDITOR'S CHOICE
- Ignacio Andrade
- iphonegamenetwork.com

"I didn't think it was possible, but Self Aware Games has breathed new life in to the tilt and roll genre on the iPhone with their new game Taxiball."
- Eli Hodapp
- toucharcade.com

SUPER SECRET HOT TIP! Add a pair of friends to your friend list, and gain access to a bonus level once they friend you back!

Check out a video of gameplay here:

- Intuitive Controls: The only thing you need to do is tilt!

- Diverse Environments: Hours of gameplay across seven different cities, plus more to come with future updates!

- In-Game Awards: Earn dozens of Awards for completing a wide variety of challenges! Can you earn the insane Untouchable Award? Or maybe the N00b Cabbie Award is more up your alley?

- All-Vocal Soundtrack: Taxiball's entire soundtrack is the work of beatboxer Wes Carroll of www.mouthdrumming.com!

- Global Thermonuclear War: No - wait, that's not right. Global ONLINE LEADERBOARDS. Your scores are posted to a global online leaderboard. Can you beat the developers at their own game? Because if you can, the whole world will know!

- Friends List: Add your friends to your Friends List, and check out their Awards and high scores!

- Endlessly Replayable: Playing through a level in Taxiball is easy - but developing the best strategy to climb to the top of the leaderboards and unlock all the Awards takes planning, practice, and crazy skill.

- Interrupted? No problem!: Taxiball saves progress any time you're interrupted! Get cut off by a phone call, or have to stop playing 'cause your boss walked by? Just start the game up again, and your progress can be instantly restored!

ALSO: A small percentage of users appear to be having problems with the accelerometer-based control. A simple reboot should correct any issues.

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