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Improved tuning; updated Saxophone with Clarinet's improved sound sample synthesis engine; tweaked sounds a bit.

App Description

Saxophone is a performance musical instrument for your iPhone. It plays, sounds, and operates like a real sax.

Realistic controls * Real fingerings * Real samples * Real chromatic control over more than two octaves * a flexible sound engine * a visual synthesizer * wireless MIDI control! * record your performances, and listen in the browser/email/embed them!

Saxophone's controls are based upon the principles of a real sax. You can adjust this control to include breath, touch, and even tilt control.

It's a great way to learn how a sax works, and it's expressive enough to be a real instrument for proficient musicians.

The iPhone only allows 5 touches at a time -- but there's an easy rule of thumb: if you're using your right fingers, lift up your left; and vice versa. See the manual included for all the details!

Saxophone includes a unique sound engine that uses sound samples of real instruments -- including a soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone.

Saxophone also features the Visual Synth. Create your own sounds with our additive synthesizer, adding reverb, filters, and sculpting the overtones to explore the soundscape.

Control your music studio with Saxophone -- full MIDI control is included via the musicofx midi tool [PC *and* Mac], free with Saxophone! Control GarageBand, Reason, or Logic wirelessly -- a new performance MIDI controller!

Finally, you can record and share your Saxophone performances. Upload, download, vote -- you can even listen to them in your browser, embed them in your blog, or send them to Mom in an email.

Check out Saxophone today -- and check out the rest of our awesome new musical instruments in the music of expression series! Find out more at our website, musicofx.com.

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