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• Fixed character and roll saving for iOS 4
• Updated all graphics for high resolution displays
• Added success and failure sounds for d20 rolls (on rolls of 20 and 1, respectively)

App Description

NOTE: I respond to user reviews (especially ones that I feel are unfairly low such as the recent ones about not including multiple weapons) on the Quick Roll web site's Blog page (link to the web site below).



Whereas many popular dice rollers for the iPhone and iPod Touch focus on creating realistic dice simulation, Quick Roll takes a different approach. It focuses instead on making fast and accurate roll calculations through a clean, intuitive interface (with a satisfying dice rolling sound for each roll) and associating rolls with a clear label and a character.

This is the kind of roller you could use quickly, with minimal taps and searching, in an actual game. It will actually speed the game up rather than slowing it down. Sometimes this speed-up is drastic and relieves you of a lot of tedious and repetitive mental calculation so you can focus on the game rather than on roll calculations (as in the case of calculating multiple attacks).

In Quick Roll, a set of named dice roll + modifier combinations as well as full multiple attack roll (if desired) are associated with a specific character. Users can create as many characters as they want and organize them (and their dice rolls) using standard iPhone OS list operations. These character profiles could represent player characters, monsters, or even custom dice roll sets.

Quick Roll is compatible with many different RPG systems. As a bonus for characters from the d20 and Fudge systems, it also has an attack tab.


- Can create multiple characters each with their own individual dice rolls, attack rolls, and roll histories
- Can edit character's rolls and add new rolls for them as they level up
- Detailed roll History with label, total, individual dice rolls, and time for each roll made

- Neatly hides actual die rolls in History tab so you can focus on the total (with the exception of d20 rolls which are given in parentheses so you can quickly spot natural 20s or critical failures)
- Can click on history records to see actual dice values for large rolls
- Dice roll sounds for regular rolls and, in the attack roll tab, a satisfying warrior gong for confirmed critical hits (as well as breaking glass to notify you of confirmed critical misses)
- Can add negative modifiers
- Can roll any-sided die
- Can roll fudge dice (4dF)

Tags: Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, d20, character sheet

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App Changes

  • June 15, 2012 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $0.99